A Step Back in Time


Walking into the Victorian Market in Inverness is like going back in time. The original market was destroyed by fire in 1889 and rebuilt over the next two years. It still retains its old fashioned feel with its independent shops sheltered by the vaulted wooden roof held in place by an iron frame.


The sound of trains can be heard in one corner of the market where a model railway runs round the roofline above the heads of often surprised shoppers.


Many would perhaps describe this type of photograph as purely a "record shot",  but to my mind all photographs, with perhaps the exception of abstracts, are a record of a single instant in time in a particular location.


Of course, this sort of photography is ideally suited to the excellent small compact digital cameras which almost everyone owns nowadays. 



Camera: Fuji FinePix F100fd Compact,  1/150sec  f/3.3  ISO 400