Common Spotted Orchid


Some may think of orchids as the exotic flowers sold by florists or cultivated in botanic gardens but there are several varieties which grow wild.

The Common Spotted Orchid is one of the most widespread and common of the British orchids and from June to August can be found growing in woodland, wetland, hedgerows and roadside verges.  It is easily recognised by its pale pink flowers, with delicate markings on the petals and distinctive spotted leaves. – hence its name !

This one was photographed in Le Noir Pré, Jersey’s National Trust Wet Meadow, an area carefully managed to protect and encourage the growth of several species of wild orchid.

The meadow, with an estimated 32,000 orchids, is open to the public during the flowering season but, understandably, visitors are restricted to the perimeter path.



Camera: Nikon D300s  Lens Sigma 150mm macro   1/200 sec   f/11   ISO 100