Night Watchman


Mont Orgueil or Gorey Castle, as it is popularly known, overlooks Gorey harbour in Jersey.  The 13th century castle, protected on three sides by sea and cliffs, was the island’s main defence against French invasion for over 600 years until gunpowder came into use which then rendered the castle indefensible.


The ramparts of the castle are lit up as the sun goes down which makes night shots very popular.  This picture was taken on a recent holiday and because of the low light a long exposure time was required.  As we had no tripod due to luggage weight restrictions a make-shift ‘bean bag’ (an empty cloth bag filled with rice) placed on the harbour wall gave the camera the required stability.




Camera: NikonD300s  Lens: Nikon 18-200mm  Exp:15secs  f/11  ISO 320