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Stephen Lipton


I got involved in photography in my school days when people still shot on film and counted elephants in the darkroom. I started off with a Halina 35mm camera. At that stage I was already in love with landscapes and nature. University days saw an increase in my photographic interest nurtured through singing & touring with the London Symphony Chorus & Scottish National Orchestra Chorus. Spending time documenting musicians and tours got me very much hooked into photography. 

Latterly I got very heavily involved with Black & White work and spent many a day locked in the darkroom. A very solitary experience! A late mover into digital work I have now fully encompassed it. Having said that I prefer not to do much photographic manipulation for most images though I do enjoy techniques such as creating panoramas and HDR images.

I now shoot mostly landscapes and seascapes and a lot of still life arty flower work as well as being passionate about macro and abstract work. I sell work through a number of mediums: magazines & calendars from Scottish Field through to advertising and design agencies. Apart from my first camera I have always shot on Canon



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Dennis Bradley








I started taking pictures in my early teens with a Brownie box camera and then progressed through other film cameras to a Canon EOS 100.     As technology advanced I changed fully to digital photography in 2002 and now use a variety of digital cameras including a Fuji compact,  Fuji FinePix S3Pro DSLR, Gopro Hero 4, Nikon D300s DSLR and Nikon D500 DSLR.

While landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and, when appropriate, panoramas are my main photographic subjects, I am willing to give most things a try.  Perhaps a frustrated artist at heart, I particularly enjoy manipulating images with the help of computer software to create abstracts or impressionist type pictures.

For me the purpose of my photography is simply the enjoyment of taking pictures.  What really matters to me is the final image.






John Hawell


John has a life long interest in natural history and the countryside, subjects which are clearly reflected in his choice of subjects photographed.  

He acquired his first camera cir. 1963 and has never been without a camera since   ~   progressing through from Kodak ‘Brownie’ to Kodak Retinette 1B, Zenith SLR, Yashica TL Electro X, Yashica FD Quartz, Contax RTS11 and Canon EOS 30D.

John has travelled widely in search of photographic subjects and had work published in Belgium, Holland and the UK. He is currently writing his second book which will probably include many of his earlier photographs of bye-gone days.







Les Gibbons LRPS




For as long as I can remember I have been involved in photography. First taking holiday snaps with the family camera then progressing into more serious realms through my deep interest in travel. 

The majority of my work is in the area of Travel and fine art, taking images at home as well as abroad. This covers Landscape, architecture and portrait work.

I have been fortunate to enjoy moderate international sales and competition success. The most notable being included in the Take a View Book for 2011. 

 I gained my Licentiateship from the Royal Photographic Society this year, and am now working towards gaining an Associateship.




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