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Megan absorbed in play
Megan - Heel-over-Head
Megan playing dead lions
I'm Bob the Builder- Can We Fix it ?
Yes we Can ! - do you like my hat ?
....Yes we Did !!
Stay Berry !
You've Got Mail Berry !
Ok Granny, let's start decorating that Xmas tree
Three little angels a the foot of the ttree.... liitle angel and two imps at the foot of the tree
Nick the Vic and Sam in Pyjamas
He's a bit slippery Gran
Don't I look Smart !
"The Sisters" - Photo taken by Laura
Megan and Emma
The Actual Christening
Mum and Dad at the Font after the Ceremony
What a Lot of People !
It was all a bit much
The Family and Nick the Vic
Katie's cake for Granny's birthday
Laura can't resist second helpings
Where does she get that appetite ?
Ruth conducting her choir
Last performance of the choir
Just about to try on Granny's Christmas present.
dont I look smart and you can wear it sripey side out
isn't granny a funny lady ?
Sam relaxing
Just how relaxed can I get ?
we can down tools and argue when granny is not looking.
katie cutting up a sack to keep the frost off the plants
berry thinks the sack is for her to lie on
All dressed up for registration
Granny gave me this Whoozit
I think I am going to be tall like my Dad !
How do you like my hat ?
My two cousins have been fighting over me
You might share the joke !
Its all a bit much
I have got legs ..honest !
Megan and Mum
Megan and Mum again
What's That ?